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brie bella

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hmm…i have never thought of it (the sexy image) as burdensome. because it wasn’t something i felt i was forced to show or something i planned to, it is just me doing my best when i’m standing on stage and a commitment i made to myself.

i believe that being sexy is, as a woman, one of the skills i am able to possess. because it is something precious to me, i have never really hated [what people said about it] or thought too much about it. i’d just take whatever comes my way, and i think of it as one of the charms i am able to show.” -hyuna @ star story in 2012 (x)

hyuna has said time and time again that she likes her sexy image and it is not forced upon her. you don’t have to love what she’s doing, but please do not pity or bash her.

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trying to take jumpshots & failing 18932876 times before success

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29 | shane west

28/50 of 4minute (Jihyun + favorite lyrics)

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Sailor Moon Crystal → Episode 02

↳ Ami Mizuno

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Jordan Parrish in “Orphaned”

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